Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tip Top! Tick Tock!

So as you all can see I have been
working on imporving my blogg

layout. its kinda fun and gives me
something to do when i cant sleep

soo far today I have
15pts. hopeing to get
over 40! haha gonna
work hard, keep cals
supper low today.

today is hmwk/clean room day
been putting it off wayyyyy too
long and it will help me stay far
away from the refrigerator of no
return! haha yup fun stuff!

so how is everyone?
anyone else doing the
MK challenge yet?

be strong lovies!

Goal update:
138 - June 1st
135 - June 5th
133 - June 11th
130 - June 18th

@ 40 pts going for 46

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