Monday, May 2, 2011

oh stop betchin

Kay so I know what ur all thinking...
I couldn't do it and I should stop
trying right? & No, i didn't do it.
Today I snapped and ate everything

in my path... at least 700 cals... yes

I'm such a pig. but
I burned off 200 due
to my amazing elliptical

& I just took a bath.

Look, tomorrow is a new day.
I will be better.


150 - weightloss shake
15 - WL drink
15 - WL drink

and again water and tea.

I'm still a horrid 138.5

shook me right? haha
I need to be 135 by 
the 7th! I need to cuz
Its a goal, its something
Ive made and I need to
commit to now or i will
always be a failure

and I'm so sick and tired of failing
of thinking im not good enough...
I will be perfect. I will achive self
respect.. Wish me luck <3 x0x

I am in control of my future

1 comment:

  1. You sound like youre doing soo well right now. your daily intake is alot better than mine atm, i have alot of respect for you and what youre doing with the eliptical. its motivated me to get my stepper out of the wardrobe! lol. dont worry too much about the goals, i know youll do great xxx