Saturday, May 7, 2011

I win, you lose!

So I haven't won the battle yet
but I am 136 atm, I realize that
I didn't get to 135 but maybe I
Will be there on Monday! soo

New Goals:

9th - 135
15th - 133
21st - 130

I'll make new Goals once I
get to 130 =] Haven't been 
in the 120's for the longest!
My friend finally noticed I
lost weight. 11 lbs now! =]

120's here I come
114! I'm on my way

I love you all!
x0x how is everything

Oh wouldn't it be nice...


  1. I know you have the strength and willpower to meet your goals! It's awesome that your friend noticed your weightloss, doesn't it feel amazing when results show?

  2. defiantly does =]
    and the positive is
    that i have lost weight!
    really gonna try my best
    to meet the goals,
    thanks soo much for the support =]