Monday, March 7, 2011

Drop Dead Gorgeous!

yes i am aware thats a band name
and i do enjoy them, but I'm talking about
beautiful people, people who are not only
physically beautiful but also internally

if your not a person who is beautiful on the inside
no one will want to be around you, you'll just be
another pretty face. So be happy! Be kind! Be a
true friend, cuz thats what everyone needs... =]

Honestly i feel great right now, 500 cals today, yesterday was terrible tho, 1500... bleck never thought it was possible to eat that much. I'm honestly really trying hard to get to 138 by Wednesday, but 139 is not budging... its just like a solid number, no up, no down, just stays and its driving me nuts! Gonna weigh myself when I wake up, should be fun!!! lets hope i see a 138.something lol cant stand to see 139 any long. But seriously! Ive been working out everyday fer like what seems like forever! When will the numbers shift?

Hope everyones doing great tho,
I'm just dying to be thin! Really want to get to 130 for the 20th, at least under 135.
cuz thats my birthddayyyyyy =D

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