Monday, February 14, 2011

Love makes the world go round!

yea im in a amazing/horibble mood
like im happy cuz its valentines day
and i had sooo much fun with the bf
and the promise ring he got me =]

but im in a bad mood cuz i feel
sick? fat? discusted? cant look
myself in the mirror... yea i hate
pasta and cupcakes... i enjoy

cooking i realized and i cooked
enough to feed a family of 6...
and it was just us two... till my
mom came home... wish he took

some pasta home... oh well
so i didnt weigh myself. ima
weight... and yea the goal is
still 130 by the 28th =] soo

gonna push myself to the max
plz support me loves, hope ur
all doing great!

PS: 4 day cleanse (150 cal per day)

i start tomorow till friday <3 wish me luck


  1. That's really sweet of your bf with the ring :). Hope you had a lovely day with him despite the feelings you had with the food, just think of the positive...getting past that obstacle has increased your strength and determination x
    keep us updated with how you get on with the cleanse xxxx
    Btw i love that thinspo pic, her stomach is amazing!

  2. omg best pic ever
    and it actualy went pretty well =]
    so proud! lol
    sorry i havent been updated lately
    idk what happend
    ily girlies <3
    hoping everythings going great