Wednesday, December 29, 2010

reboot ;]

sooo latly ive been a little messed up
prob cuz of the xmass holidays

ughhh so much stress
i must be stressed
my nails have been bitten down to the bone

oh no! unwanted calories
aha anyways so im presing my redo button
and my new years reselution is obviiiii

to lose weight! yea
by my birthday,
march 20th

i am hoping on being 120 pounds
idk what i am right now
less then 145 fer sure tho

but the ultimate goal is 115
maybe even 111
tehe i like that number

and that is the lightest i can go
withought being underweigh
but whats so wrong with being underweight

if ppl are aloud to be over weight
then we can be underweigt
id rather be under than over

hope everyone had amazingggg holidays
sooo what did you guys do?
fam, friends?

gifts? lol love yous
keep pushing

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